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Signature Kauri provides stunning bespoke and premium furniture made from ancient New Zealand Kauri. Our range of deluxe coffee and dining tables have been created from kauri trees which have fallen to the ground naturally and then buried for between 3,000 and 50,000 years.

Signature Kauri furniture is for the homeowner that is looking for quality, craftsmanship and character from the furniture in their home. We love to work with our clients to craft unique and bespoke tables that become centrepieces for years to come.

The Kauri Story

Agathis australis, commonly known by its Māori name 'Kauri', is a coniferous tree found north of 38°S in the northern districts of New Zealand's North Island.


The kauri timber used to make our products is from prehistoric kauri trees which were buried and preserved between 3000 and 50,000 years ago.


Buried under peat swamps by an unexplained force of nature at the end of the last ice age, the trees have survived the millenia underground, sealed in a chemically balanced environment that has preserved the timber in near-perfect condition.

The trees each grew for nearly 2000 years before they were buried. The trunk of a kauri tree can grow to a diameter of around 5 metres and an overall height of 40 - 50 metres.

Although today its use is far more restricted, in the past the size and strength of kauri timber made it a popular wood for construction and ship building, particularly for masts of sailing ships because of its parallel grain and the absence of branches for much of its height. Kauri crown and stump wood was much appreciated for its beauty, and was sought after for ornamental panelling as well as premium furniture.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s much of the living kauri was chopped down for purposes such as these. Thankfully, kauri became the first indigenous tree species in New Zealand to be protected and since 1973 no standing trees have been cut down. Today there are around 18,000 acres of kauri forest remaining.

About Us


My name is Daniel and I am the owner and founder of Signature Kauri. Helping you create something truly special which captures a moment in time from tens of thousands of years ago is something I do with a passion - together we can bring a beautiful piece of ancient kauri back to life for many years to come.

Sustainable Kauri

Sourcing Ancient Kauri

Ancient kauri timber doesn't grow on trees (at least not anymore). This finite resource is extracted from what is normally farmland and restored to its previous condition once the giant trees are removed. No trees are chopped down to produce our furniture and never will be.


New Zealand is a world leader in renewable energy. As recently as 2017 82% of the grid was powered by renewable energy (mostly hydropower). The country has a target to increase this to 90% by 2025 and is far ahead of most other countries on this front. Creating our beautiful furniture is an energy intensive process due to the many stages and large machinery required. It is great that the majority of this is done in the workshops without the use of hydrocarbons.


Unfortunately there is not much getting around the fact that moving items across the world in a container involves a fuel burning ship. To mitigate this as best we can we always calculate and offset the carbon produced in moving our products from the workshop to the customers door and add 10% to ensure the effects are as minimal as possible. Most recently our carbon offset projects have included forest plantation projects in South America using our preferred partner CO2NSENSUS.


Metal table legs are incredibly popular due to their contemporary appearance, durability and the levels of customisation they provide. Our legs are made here in the UK to reduce the miles they travel from recyclable steel which will last the life of the table. After this the steel can be re-used for another table or project.

Your Kauri Table

Our kauri products are the polar opposite of 'fast furniture'. Our tables are made to last for generations and be adored by families for many years to come. A kauri table will be around for a long time and hold a special place in your home.

Every Little Helps

Although we are not the first to use this phrase we do believe in it. Every individual and business who can reduce their impact on the world around us does make a difference and we are proud of the actions we take. We are always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability efforts and implement them across the company.

Trade Enquiries

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We love to work with our valued trade partners across the UK and are always looking for more. If you are an interior designer, architect, project manager, store owner or similar who would like to provide kauri products to their clients please feel free to get in touch.

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